My interest in using games and simulations as a tool for testing strategy dates started at business school, and developed as I applied the theory learned there to strategy and corporate development in a multinational business. I was, and remain, particularly interested in the challenges of long-term planning in volatile environments. Games were not a formal part of the MBA curriculum, though several lecturers integrated role playing exercises into their teaching. However, Scenario Planning was part of a second-year elective, and I have gone on to use the technique succesfully in commercial settings. Building my knowledge of it led me to explore related areas such as wargaming with which it has shared origins.

Business strategy, long-term planning and foresight activities have a considerable academic and practitioner literature. Likewise, wargaming in a military and political context has a substantial community and body of research. The literature on business wargames is smaller, and even the best and most recent research highlights gaps in data and understanding. Exploring it, I found as many questions as answers.

I set this website up in March 2019 as a place to document and share my research and experience. Over time I hope that it will become a useful resource to other researchers and practitioners. The website will also touch on related areas such as business strategy, competitive intelligence, foresight and futures. Readers can contact me by email, or follow Business Wargames on Twitter.